5 Programming Languages to learn in 2021


In now a days The Information Technology is growing rapidly very fast and daily updating with the new techniques. So in this scenario it is quite complicate to choose the best Programming Language to learn in 2021.Here I am to help you to choose the best programming Languages in 2021.

 Now we are in 2021 and we know how the importance is there for coding why because the world is updating day by day and learning the new things in coding is must. There is high demand coding languages in the coming years. So here you will get some idea about programming Languages what to learn in 2021.



It is an object oriented and easy to learn Programming Language. It is best choice after c plus plus, because it is fast and supports for rich functionalities.

This is popularly known for developing windows and its applications. Also used for windows developments and VR Games.

The Main Companies for C# Language are Amazon and Microsoft. With some experience C# Developers can earn up to 9 to 10 lakhs per anum in the Indian It Industry. 



C++ is one of the most efficient and flexible programming languages. It is also known as the oldest language compared to other languages. Because it has the demand in high performance and reliability.

It is designed to support object oriented programming and has the rich libraries. C # is used in different ways in tech industry like  Web and Mobile Solutions ,Desktop Applications Development ,Game Development  and Lastly in Embedded Systems.

The Main Companies which are using the C++ are Microsoft, Google and Adobe. The C++ developers having an experience can earn up to 10 to 12 Lakhs in the Indian It Industry.



It is General Purpose open source programming Language and it is heavily influenced by Python. Swift Programming Language is developed by Apple.

Swift is easy and fast to learn and mainly used in the development of mac-os, native ios, applications. Major applications in the app store are developed by swift language. The main companies which are using the Swift language are 9 Gag, Apple and many other companies.

In the Indian IT Industry the swift developers can earn up to 13lakhs per anum.  

4.R Language


R Language was conceived by  Robert Gentleman and ross ishaka in 1992. R is comprehensive and stastical analysis language  and it encourages developers to implement new ideas.

R Language is best works in Linux, Gnu and Microsoft windows. R  Languages uses in the field  of Data Science,  Statistical Computing  and Machine Learning.

R Language is difficult to learn and it is considered as the future programming language. The major companies Accenture, Capgemini and Cognizant are now using the R Language. Having a little Experience, developers can earn up to 10 lakhs in the Indian IT industry.

5. PHP


PHP Language is mainly created to maintain a personal website but since it has taken over 24% of websites globally. It is mainly used to create Static, Dynamic Websites and some popular web Frame-works like larval are built up on PHP.

It introduces dynamic changes to websites and makes web applications more interactive. The main companies  which are using the php are Yahoo ,mail chimp ,  Facebook  and many other companies.in India with some experience php developers can earn up to 7 lakhs per anum.

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