5 Technologies Must learn in 2021


Hi everyone sharing the top technologies must learn in 2021.During the world pandemic we all are working from Home. Here you can get some idea about what to learn in this year and will get all the information about 5 technologies.

1. BlockChain:


The tech behind the blockchain has so much more to offer than just cryptocurrencies.it has become a major combatant to deep fakes and fake news by fingerprinting the video at source it leaves a trail that can be traced back easily.

We are seeing a widespread of adoption of Blockchain for transactions.it removes the need for an intermediary and improved security organization like action factom , axon enterprises and darpa  are working on a number of block chain applications.

It grows from 3 billion dollars to 40 billion dollars by 2025. To enter into the blockchain, you are good at Programming Languages, Fundamentals of OOPS, Flat and Relational Databases, Data Structures, Web app developments and finally Networking .

2.Quantum Computing:


It is involved in preventing the spread of corona virus and to develop potential vaccines. In banking and finance quantum Computing would help manage credit risk for high frequency trading and fraud detection

Organizations like splunk, Honeywell, Microsoft ,aws google ,and many others are using the Quantum Computing.it produces the revenue 2.5billion dollars by 2029.

To get into this you are to be master in quantum mechanics, Linear algebra Probability,Information Theory and Machine Learning.

03.5G Technology


5G services are revolutionize our lives by enabling services that rely on advanced technologies ar and vr alongside cloud based gaming services like Google Stadia and much more 5g is expected to be used in factories in cameras that improves the security.

Every Mobile Company are now working on Creating 5g Applications and this could be launched worldwide by 2021 with more than about 50 companies are offering services in about 30 countries by the end of 2021.

04.The Internet of Things (IOT)


Iot would involve in to the intelligence of things as more and more devices become ai enabled. Using the Iot in the Industry dynamics, Economic stimulus, and Remote access Demand.

Iot is expected to be adopted by Smart manufacturing and health care and is expected   to bring about industry 4.O.

To Learn Iot you have a idea about Information Security, Ai and Machine Learning, Networking, Hardware Interfacing, Business Intelligence tools UX /UI designs.

05.Cyber Security


It is going to be a major focus for many organizations there would be an increased focus on protecting the smaller organizations from cyber-attacks.

According to cybercrime magazine it is expected that by 2021 6 trillion Dollars will be spent globally on cyber security. Major industries are Fortinet, Cisco Micro Soft, Spluck Palo auto networks.

To enter in to the Cyber Security you need to be master in IT and Network Fundamentals, Coding Skills, Cloud Security and Malware Analysis.

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